International Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers Association of New Orleans

Officers & Directors

2017 – 2019 Term




Cole Trosclair

Business Development Manager, C.H. Powell Co.

Vice President

Janet Colley-Morse

Business Development Director, Dupuy Storage & Forwarding

Secretary / Treasurer

Donna Lemm

Executive Vice President

IMC Companies


David DeLatte, Geo. Wm. Rueff



Keith Guidroz, Jr., Gilscot Guidroz International

Jeff Louis - 2015

Jeff Louis, President

TCI Trucking & Warehousing

Rick Ricourd, Sales Manager

ASF Logistics

Stacy Stubbs, Coffee Administrative Supervisor



Ex-Officio: Kristiann App

V.P. of Business Development, J. W. Allen & Co., Inc.

Past President’s Council

Jerry Becnel, President

J. W. Allen & Co., Inc.

Cathy Vienne

Executive Director, IFFCBANO


Antitrust Policy and Statement

It is the unqualified policy of IFFCBANO and all of its operating committees to conduct their operations in strict compliance with the antitrust laws of the U.S., and that no discussions shall be held that may infer or lead to violations.

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