International Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers Association of New Orleans

Louisiana Pilot Fee Commission


Louisiana Pilot Fee Commission Nominating Organization:

The Louisiana Pilotage Fee Commission (LPFC) was created by the passage of Act 902 of the 2004 Louisiana Legislature assuming exclusive authority to establish rates and fees charged by licensed and commissioned river pilots operating on the Mississippi and Calcasieu rivers.

The LPFC consists of 4 representatives nominated by industry associations, 4 representatives of the river pilots’ associations, and 3 at-large appointees of the Governor of Louisiana.

The IFFCBANO is honored to be one of the industry associations selected to be a nominating organization for this most important Commission.


We are also proud to acknowledge IFFCBANO members who presently serve the trade community as LPFC Commissioners:

John T. Hyatt, The Irwin Brown Company – Full Commissioner

Kristiann App– Alternate Commissioner

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